Presented products on the website may differ slightly from reality, tolerance of dimensions +/- 1 cm and weight +/- 5%. Presented products on the website may differ slightly from reality, tolerance of dimensions +/- 1 cm and weight +/- 5%.
PREMIUM Wheelchair stabilizing back and head [VCWK9CP]


  • foldable aluminium frame of cross structure
  • smooth adjustment of the seat angle through the use of gas actuator to a half-lying position (35 degrees)
  • removable headrest adjustable in vertical and horizontal axles
  • gradual seat depth adjustment with possible seating upholstery extension
  • removable, nylon black upholstery of the backrest
  • backrest based on Velcro tapes to adjust the tension intensity
  • high (5 cm), soft seat cushion
  • anti-fall belt
  • removable and tiltable footrest with optional adjustable bend angle and length along with thighs support; or standard with adjustable length and footrest tilt angle
  • front and rear wheels adjustable height
  • possible change of the centre of gravity by adjusting rear wheels position
  • removable and backwards tilting armrests made of plastic
  • possible armrest adjustment in vertical and horizontal axles
  • rear handlebar to stabilize the wheelchair during backrest unfolding
  • reinforced cross to increase wheelchair stiffness
  • adjustable angle of the front wheels forks
  • rear supporting wheels with adjustable height
  • 8" full front wheels
  • 24" pneumatic rear wheels quick release system
  • roller brakes with adjustable pressure intensity
  • aluminium handrims
  • nylon black upholstery, silver frame
  • available two seat widths: 400 and 430 mm 


The wheelchair is used in order to commute by people with disabilities e.g. after the spinal cord damages, cerebral palsy or various lower limb injuries, neuromuscular diseases, post-traumatic cranial cerebral or for geriatric patients.
It is also intended for people who want to actively and comfortably participate in everyday life.


Contraindications to a sitting position

  16” 18”
Seat width (mm) 400  430 
Seat depth (mm) 500 500
Wheelchair width (mm) 610 650
Wheelchair height (mm) 944-1440 944-1440
Backrest hight (mm) 410 410
Wheelchair length (mm) 1157 1157
Maximum user weight (kg) 115  115 
Weight (kg) 23,3 23,3